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There's a need
for both


Both library application designs received hearty support, pointing out that community members crave more information about their local libraries.

Putting ideas
into action

Librarians designed prototypes for “Bibliotecas BH” and “Tricultural,” ideas for apps that included how to find municipal and community libraries, how to get in touch with the library, and details about the collections.


“How do we share what’s going on at the library?”

In Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre, teams identified a lack of outreach channels for librarians and staff to communicate with community members about the library.


Bibliotecas Brasil


The data is the deal

​​Caravan Studios learned that librarians across Brazil were using Sistema Nacional de Indicadores e Informações Culturais (SNIIC), a national database that included information about all cultural and arts organizations--including libraries--throughout Brazil. A decision was made to use this database rather than build a new tool that librarians would have to learn to use.  Library stakeholders were pleased about the opportunity to highlight this resource.


The new application was named Bibliotecas Brasil.



A California-based developer designed the app to show the location of all libraries—at the state, municipal, and community level—that are registered in the SNIIC database. Details about the library include contact information, hours, and information about the services, collection, and events happening at the library.


Press pause

Bibliotecas Brasil GitHub link:


To date, the federal government of Brasil is no longer supporting the SNIIC data source, which means that Bibliotecas Brasil is currently unavailable for download. We hope this will change!


Feito na Biblioteca

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